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5K Obstacle Course Run- October 22nd 2016



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VIP Summer Challenge Series

Let us Never Forget Summer Challenge Series.
Over the course of the next few months— We expect over 500 participants vying for the bragging rights that come with completing a 3.1-mile obstacle course designed to challenge all levels. Although its just 3.1 miles, its packed with 13 hard obstacles to overcome. Please join us and complete the course for best time or just a sense of accomplishment that you finished. Whatever your goal is,I'd love for each of you to be there.

So ...I hope you accept my challenge and vie for bragging rights at our next race

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Run it or Race it!

Let us Never Forget Summer Challenge Series is about facing your obstacles and overcoming them! It' inevitable we will face adversiity, however how we handle them defines us.
*** Anyone can do this... if you think you can or think you can't you're right.. The choice is yours!

So whats the cause?

We are raising funds for Wounded Warriors In Action and local Veterans and Families

Race Schedule:

October 22nd

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