Our Mission: "To Help Transform Lives".. helping the community become intentional, authentic and healthy.

Let the professionals at VIP help you jump start your fitness routine. We will get a baseline, target your goals and come up with a personalized plan that is right for you. In addition you will receive a VIP tour of our facility. Come check out who we are and what we have to offer. You will receive a personal tour of our amenities, equipment and have all your questions answered.

Group Fitness Classes

24 Hour Memberships only $19.99 a month!

No long Term Contracts and even more benefits of most Global/ Big Box Gyms. VIP will help you make a lifestyle change that will transform you mind, body and spirit? No other 24/7 gym like this in the area. Olympic, Power Lift, great amenities, open space and functional fitness equipment.

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Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

We offer Live Classes as early as 5:30 AM to as late as 6:30 PM. From Boot Camps, Box fit classes, TeenFit, or Senior Fit, VIP offers program for every level. Young adults, adults and seniors. We are professionals and we deliver results. What are you waiting for? Check out a FREE Class Today!

Classes & Times

VIP Personal Training

VIP Personal Training

From the initial consultation to your first session, you're treated like a VIP. Not sure where to start? Book a session today and train with a professional 1-1 in our Private VIP Studio.
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Personal Training

VIP's 1-1 sessions will help you achieve your health and wellness goals quickly with exercise sessions that are challenging, fun and inspirational. By working with VIP trainer you will benefit from a personalized attention and customized plan.

Cardio Box Fit

Every Thursday at 5:30 pm and Staurdays at 8:00am Box Fit cardio Put on the gloves and get ready to bob & weave This class combines the art of the boxing discipline and kicks it up a notch with a dash of a cardio blast! Burn Fat and Calories!

Senior Fit

Our Senior Fit class is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:45 am - 11:30. Are you ready to become stronger and more independent? Then this class is for you. Improve your ability to get up, walk and go about your day by building strong muscles for all your daily activities.

VIP Fit Club

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Welcome to VIP Fit Club

Our main VIP 24 Hour Fitness facility is located in Macedon New York.  If you're like most people seeking a change from the big box gym environment, you've come to the right place. We are not your traditional gym, we pride ourselves in offering a atmosphere that is unlike any other. We are family friendly, faith driven and offer a variety of cutting edge fitness programs. At VIP every program is tailored to you, there are no cookie cutter/carbon copy workouts here.

Whether you are just coming out of injury/rehab, beginner or, you  an athlete, we will provide a program specific to you, your situation and deliver results.

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VIP 3 day pass

VIP 3 day pass

So....Are you ready to be the next transformation? We want you to be!

Stop in or call us now ..We'd love to share our personal stories with you and help you get started on your journey today