At VIP we have a Get Fit & Stay Fit System and Specialize in Fitness, it’s not a hobby or second career.

Accountability – Show up to class and you will see results. However, if you do not show up our instructors will notice and will typically reach out to you. Not to harass or scold you; instead it is because they take great pride in the progress that each and every person is working for and support your journey.Camaraderie – Your instructor as well as clients in the platoon will know your name, and more importantly, everyone will push harder and will achieve greater results because of the feeling of being part of a team.Esprit de Corps – You are part of something bigger, a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. This does not mean everyone has the exact same goals. Some want to lose weight, others want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, still others want to set a personal record in a race or fitness challenge. It does not matter what your fitness goals are because everyone is working towards their goals together!Discipline – As a VIP boot camper you are expected to count cadence, practice proper form, and show up to class no matter the weather or the amount of sleep you get. Results come when you stick to your routine, no matter what.

About The VIP Get Fit Boot Camp Program

The Get Fit boot camp is our signature service! This co-ed program embodies military physical training concepts without the in your face drill instructor persona. Each class is called a platoon and is typically held in doors as well as outdoors in the early morning or late evening hours year-round!

VIP’s Get Fit Boot Camp Concepts has taken the best aspects of military physical training and has developed a program that will benefit nearly every civilian. Our number goal is to produce results for you

Similar to the military, VIP’s Fitness boot camp instructors believe we must have a task, condition and standard. Your trainer will instill a certain level of discipline upon your class in order to keep the platoon focused. We will use exercise as punishment (ok pushups for being late, or sprints for talking too much) we do have playful techniques to get everyone back on track.

At VIP you will not find anyone using profanity to motivate you Like a drill instructor swearing at you, yelling in your face trying to intimidate you. We are fitness professional who want to ensure you are working hard towards your goals. Colin is faith driven and inspires others to use the words to motivate and encourage not to disrespect or belittle. 

Functional Fitness is what we believe in lower risk exercises performed at a steady cadence to ensure you get the most from each rep in each set of exercise we lead you though.While we do have fun and find ways to encourage a bit of competition, we aren’t out to ‘test’ you or make you compete against others and potentially alienate you, rather its merely to ask yourself I’m I giving this 100%

All fitness types and athletic abilites are encouraged to participate.

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