VIP’s Veterans Day Fit Challenge

November 9th, 2019, Macedon NY
Join us in supporting a great cause- Our Veterans Reintegration and fitness program. Proceeds will go to helping Veterans in our local area.


November 10th 2018

NameShirt sizeagesexdivisionBib #Push-UpSquats5K-Time
Angel Dollars41ffun36196036
Brendon Kieserm18mopen29429623:30
Bridget Yorkm19ffun4124.57232:51:00
Carolyn Fontillas-Perezm46ffun38107948:22:00
Deborah GalekL45ffun34256838:27:00
Deborah Galek 2sabsent  43000
Jeff GrayL57mopen42589235:37:00
Joel DittmanL50mopen31468033
Julie HaynesL40ffun32277842:12:00
Kalani Dancos20ffun37229545:53:00
Kathy Gardners52fopen30249733:43:00
kathy Yorkm56ffun4023.59048:22:00
Kelly Hammondm   33000
Logan CrillyL25Ffun35179830:35:00
Paula Ashleys48ffun395300
Lynette McCauleys49fopen511610635
Zach McCauleyM20mopen52567031:26:00
Ethan DebasitisL17mopen475410724:28:00
Courtney CobbL28ffun49267846:10:00
Dillion CrilleyL30mFun44209230:40:00
Shannon DinseL44ffun45198550:20:00
Joe Franchuk 13Mopen46198938:21:00
Holly Sanford 52ffun48471100
Dylan Dollar 15mopen50298222:37
Michael McCauley 14mopen5318.58845:12:00
Most Squats – Ethan! Awesome job      
Jeff Gray- oldest competitor wins age bracket and Push ups challenge!    
Fastest 5K Dylan Dollar! 22.37       
Overall Fun Division winner- M Dillion Crilley     
Overall Fun Division winner-  F Logan  Crilley     
Overall Open Division winner- Dylan Dollar and youngest competitor    
Overall Open Divison winner- Kathy Gardner     

Watch Videos from this years event

Push - Up Challenge

2:00 minutes to knock out as many push ups as possile

Squat Challenge

2:00 minutes to knock out as many squats as possible.

5K Challenge

5K run/walk

Days left to event








 So what is the Veterans Day Fit Challenge

Grab a battled buddy, workout buddy or family member to join you… this event will challenge even the fittest individuals yet is open to all fitness levels. Offering both an Open & Fun division to make it achievable for everyone.This event is meant to be fun all while raising funds to help a great cause.

*No time  limit to complete, the goal is to just finish and have fun!

The First 30 to register receive a free shirt!

***Cost is $10.00 per person. Registration gets you a fitness grab bag and entry for door prizes.

Are you up to the challenge?


Just $10.00. First 30 receive a free t-shirt. Please register by Nov 7th.

Train for the event

There a few methods to prepare for this event. Stop by VIP today to see how to how we can help!

Event Details

Open Division – Must maintain full and proper form on all exercises required

Participants will be competing by Age/ Gender categories in each event.

Fun Division- Modified Form for squats and modified push-ups.Participants will be competing by Age/ Gender categories in each event.

Awards & Format

Complete all 3 challenges and have the overall best scores & run time.



15 + 10 =

Thank you to all our sponsors!

Thank you 2018 Sponsors…

Are you interested in locking a spot for 2019.. contact Colin at 585-310-8847

Get your company noticed and help with a great cause.

Name/ logo and info on event website

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all levels welcomed!


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