Why use the Monolift?

The monolift is a squat apparatus that has gained popularity over the last few years which conveniently allows you to set-up in your squat stance and pick the bar up and squat. This is a much easier, and in my opinion, a much safer option for squatting.

Key point:

…Since the “walkout” aspect is eliminated, so is a lot of the danger and potential mishaps. (NOTE: this is an informational piece on the mono, not a bash on the traditional squat rack. I have nothing against those that want to walk squats out nor do I oppose it. I just suggest the use of a monolift no matter if you are ‘staying in to squat, or walking it out’.)

Colin Vega

Bottom line Benefits

  • The monolift increases the efficiency of moving a group of lifters through a workout.
  • When used PROPERLY, the monolift increases safety.