That’s My Brick

You are our foundation

VIP's Buy a Brick Foundation

Be a permanent part of our new location.

Your customized brick will be placed in a landscaped area in front of the building for all to see, representing your contribution and support in making VIP what it is today. Fitness is a lifestyle. Thank you Fit Fam.

Want to Volunteer Your time & skills 

Many Hands Make Light Work!

First off want to thank everyone for the support that we have received during these difficult times. It is greatly appreciated. We know that there have been changes going on at the gym in preparation for the new facility being built and new equipment coming in. People have been asking how they can help. If you are interested in helping please let us know how you would like to help, the amount of time, and what day(s) you are available. We will then reach out to you and let you know when activities are happening and how you can give a lending hand. Once again any help is greatly appreciated.