Steve Ross

Steve Ross

Personal Trainer/ Boot Camp Instructor

Hi friends! I’m not a fitness model. Never was, never will be. I like pancakes, chocolate, donuts…any pastry actually!  Because of their excess, some of my youth was spent overweight. Since that time, however, I have lost that weight. The key to liking pastries and maintaining a healthy physiology has been balance. Sports and exercise introduced me to the benefits and AMAZING HIGH (it feels great) that they provide. When life is lived in balance-equal parts in, equal parts out-it can include your tastes as well! Life for me now is exercise, and I found a way to include a fit balance through every stage like 24-hour work shifts, family, personal and professional obligations, extended travel and pot-luck meals LOL! Are you ready for this? You can too, and I would love to be your guide! My purpose is to share that experience and my love of fitness and exercise with everyone! Believe in yourself, because you can do it!



As your trainer, I will:

  1. Evaluate: fitness and movement.
  2. Plan: failing to plan…ever hear that one? SMART goals.
  3. Implement: get things started!
  4. Motivate: I’ll make sure that Rex doesn’t get you!
  5. Monitor: lifting records, cardio improvements, and weight loss.

Men's Small Group Training

Iron strengthens Iron..A team of four guys exercising under guided instruction for one hour per day, four days a week. Instruction considers the abilities and goals of the group.

Free Consult

Let’s  explore your current fitness level, go over your form and function, and fully assess what you’re looking to achieve.

Personal Training Package

Enjoy the benefits of 1:1 personal training at a group rate discount! Buy 4 get one free. Great value and I will even through in a workout plan on the VIP App

Free Clinic - Big 3

Squat, bench & Deadlift. This free clinic demonstrates proper technique for safe lifting.

One Hour Personal Training

How would like the 1-1 attention you deserve? Your goals are my mission..personal training with me to support, motivate and hep you achieve your goals

Lunch Crunch

What better way to re-energize..This 30 min core focused class will help you burn calories and melt the mid-day meal.