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Steve Ross

Steve Ross

Personal Trainer/ Boot Camp Instructor

There is an artist named Micah Tyler who sings a song called Different. In it, he talks about not being stuck in a pattern. Some of that may just be life, but some of it WE CAN CONTROL. Well, Ross Phit is my play on words to be different in the booming industry.

My Name is Stephen Ross, I am a certified personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado Christian University, and I love fitness! It would be my absolute pleasure to introduce that love to newcomers, rekindle an old flame for those who have been on a hiatus, help athletes train for that extra mile, or provide the inspiration and knowledge to burn off the summer BBQ’s, weekend pot lucks, and Christmas cookies. Active maintenance routines welcome, too!

I was born and raised right here in Wayne County, graduated from Pal-Mac, then went to Parris Island for Marine Corps Boot Camp. My experience in fitness, recreation, exercise and life have prepared me for my calling. Some of those include school sports like football, wrestling, track, and weight training, and shift work and lots of traveling as an adult. Fitness has been incorporated into my life throughout it all, and when our paths cross, I will share my experiences and invite success into your life too!

May be real for a moment too? I was bullied as a child, and can sometimes struggle with self-worth, social comparisons, and proper eating. Mom called me her boy with “big bones”; we shopped in the husky section. I have a back injury, arthritis, and will lose focus from time to time. My best workouts have always been done with a partner. And brownie batter and I are also best mates LOL ?!

Do any of those things sound like the best qualities of a personal trainer? I think that they do. What sets me apart from the rest of the crowd are those things and my passion. I am not an underwear model, and I’m not perfect, but this is my purpose, and I love every one of you! Come to VIP Fit Club and be my very special guest in what I call my home away from home. Training and inspiring YOU to incorporate fitness into YOUR life isn’t my job, it is my life’s calling!



As your trainer, I will:

  1. Evaluate: fitness and movement.
  2. Plan: failing to plan…ever hear that one? SMART goals.
  3. Implement: get things started!
  4. Motivate: I’ll make sure that Rex doesn’t get you!
  5. Monitor: lifting records, cardio improvements, and weight loss.