Sheryl & Colin Vega - Co Owners

This husband and wife team bring a unique combination to the health and fitness industry. Sheryl is a Health & Wellness Coach and holds a Masters from SUNY Geneseo.

Colin founded VIP in 2013 and is a 2 tour Army Combat Veteran, Degree in Exercise Science, Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Motivator & Coach. Colin is also member of The International Sports Sciences Association.

Colin created the Get Fit Boot Camp program which has help several lives, student athletes and active agers.

If your seeking true change, lasting results in a family like atmosphere this is the place for you.

Jacob Templar- PT DPT

Jacob graduated from Utica College with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Jacob has earned his Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and also has earned qualification with Integrated Musculoskeletal Care as an Affiliate Outcomes Accountable clinician. Jacob is also extensively trained in pain and strategies to help people with chronic pain conditions. Jacob is very passionate about the continued growth of his knowledge base. He very much believes in being an educator first and therapist second. Stating “Many conditions involve teaching someone information about their body in an easy to digest manner. If I am doing my job, not only am I helping to guide someone through their current musculoskeletal issue, but teaching them how to prevent future issues.”

Charlene Rotunno Merritt

First and foremost, I LOVE helping people. Fitness training brings out the best in people and challenges their limits.

As an instructor, I enjoy seeing the physical changes that occur for my clients, but it’s the newfound confidence and happiness that comes with these results that I find the most rewarding.

Having been nominated “Rochester’s Best Personal Trainer” in 2013, 2015 was yet another
reason why I love my clients and what I do! I have trained people from all walks of life; from
elite athletes to people who have never set foot in a gym.

Although I consider myself a tough
trainer, I am compassionate in my approach and understand that each client has unique goals.
For ten years I was a competitive natural bodybuilder and now act as a judge in bodybuilding and physique competitions. I have competed against, judged, and trained some of the best in my 20+ years as a Certified Personal Trainer.

Finally, I understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. I was not a natural athlete
when I started and have never been the type of person who “can eat whatever they want.” I’ve
had to control my diet like most people and built my physique around learning the balance
between food, weight lifting, and cardiovascular exercise; skills and knowledge that I love
teaching to others.

To be able to say I truly love my job is a blessing!