Active Agers Membership

VIP’s  Active Agers

This class is help every Tuesday & Thursday weekly at 10:45. This group fitness class is a 45 minutes in length jammed packed with fun and motivating exercises to make life fun again. Are you ready to laugh, share and feel awesome? Then this class is for you.

Is this right for me?

Are you looking for a low impact less intense class. recovering from an injury or looking to increase muscle strength, Flexibility and  range of motion. Then VIP’s Active Agers class is right for you. Are you ready to become stronger and more independent? Then this class is for you. Improve your ability to get up, walk and go about your day by building strong muscles for all your daily activities. Improve your ability to go upstairs or take a walk in the park. Engage in proper breathing technique to bring greater vitality into your day. Learn just how fit and healthy you can be through increased balance, strength, flexibility, & endurance.

Is this covered by my insurance?

Chances are it’s covered. stop in and let’s chat.

Who instructs the class?

Sheryl Vega- See Credentials