So What’s this Awesome  VIP Fitness experience Cost?

If we seem “expensive”, it’s because we are. We’re worth it. If we charged triple the rate we do, we’d still be a bargain. We’re very good at what do, and after a few short weeks, we think you’ll agree. If you’re looking for a gym to “see and be seen”, we are not the place for you. Our members come from all walks of life, each is on his or her own fitness journey, but everyone works hard.

Ladies, leave your make up at home. Gentlemen, check you egos at the door. Some of our ladies will match you rep by rep and pond for pound!



Rates: It’s really simple: call or email for Personal or Small Group training rates. We offer several packages.Attendance to unlimited classes and access to the 24/7 GYM each month is just $89.99. We bill on the first of each month. If you join us during the month, we’ll prorate your first month’s payment. Thereafter, you’ll be billed on the first of each month.

Since our inception, we have enjoyed a 92% retention rate. What’s that mean? It means that 92% of the people that take advantage of our programs stay in our programs. In other words, we know what we’re doing. Of the 8% that don’t stay, almost all have moved on due to job-related schedule changes or a relocation out of the area. A very small number of people simply weren’t a good fit for our programs. If that ends up being you (doubtful), we’ll help you find a program that better suits your needs and preferences. Yes, we work hard. Yes, we absolutely get results.


Fitness is a Lifestyle! 


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