Group Class Schedule

Group Class Schedule

Are you ready for a challenging workout? Want to have fun and see results?  No cookie cutter workouts here. I promise you this.... its nothing like you've experienced before. The VIP Get fit Boot Camp Program is unlike any other program. We combine a unique mix of cutting edge exercises, form/tempos, and flexibility  to provide you with the best results driven system.  

VIP offer these classes exclusively here at our facility, You'll never take a one of our classes ONLINE or by VIDEO ...

Why? Stop in and I'll explain personal why your safety, and experience in my number one priority!

We DO NOT sell supplements or endorse any companies that do so.

I DO ask this:

 DO 3 Things is you decide to join our Program:

  1. Train Hard
  2. Eat Clean
  3. Live Healthy and Make Fitness a Lifestyle 


Colin Vega - Founder and Director of Fitness  

Cardio Combat Class

Cardio Combat
Every Monday is “Cardio Combat”: This high-energy cardiovascular training class combines moves from a wide range of striking disciplines. The class improves fat burning potential, muscle coordination, strength, flexibility, and agility. Supported by driving music and powerful instructors, you strike, punch, and kick your way through calories to increased fitness.

Butts & Guts Class

Butts & Guts
Every Tuesday is Butts & Guts: Ultimately, we all want great looking abs and strong glutes – but we also must realize that the entire core of our body is our physical foundation for everything we do in life. So, by coming to this class, not only will sculpt your abs, but you will set up your body for overall health and injury prevention for the long run. The focus will be on the upper and lower abs, oblique’s, back muscles as well as the hips and glutes to develop a healthy core and a solid foundation.

Weighted Wednesday Class

Weighted Wednesday
Every Wednesday is “Weighted”: This high-energy training class combines moves from a wide range disciplines and exercised to help build strength by lifting safely. Learn to lift with a purpose, target areas and increase muscle reaction.With the support and close supervision of certified trainers you will learn how to increase strength, power and endurance.

Tabata Thursday class

Tabata Thursdays
Every Thursday.“Tabata”: This high-energy cardiovascular training class combines moves from a wide range disciplines and exercises to help with your metabolism. Just 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest.

Fridays Chiseled Class

Every Friday is “Chiseled”: In this class, you will use a variety of techniques to keep your muscles shocked…. You have got to shock it to rock it. This class will find every muscle you have and chisel it like it’s carved from stone!

“Super Saturdays”

“Super Saturday”
Ever Saturday is “Super Saturday” … A unique combination of the week’s workouts put into a supper set. Whatever you missed during the week, this is a full body, all inclusive, intense workout.

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