Community Needs Assessment

Dear Resident,

Hello & Good Afternoon. We want to introduce ourselves and explain a bit of what we do and hope to do in the future for the benefit of our community. We are Colin & Sheryl Vega, the owners of VIP Fit Club in Macedon, NY. We have recently purchased a free-standing location on Route 31 in Macedon (The Old Cowlick) to relocate our fitness facility there in 2021. With this move, we find ourselves with an empty space in the Cedar Creek Commons. It is with this location, that we are looking to open a Not-for-Profit Community Center for Macedon and the surrounding area.

The communities of Palmyra & Macedon are vibrant and active communities with strong citizen involvement and interest in public recreation opportunities. The towns have access to an abundance of outdoor recreation resources and amenities and take pride in its natural and historic character. Local Macedon residents have expressed the need for an indoor community center, specifically having access to the spaces and activities that help to foster community connectedness and a high quality of life. A Public Community Center can help to address these needs.

We are asking for your input to gauge uses, programming and design in order to pursue this opportunity. If you would kindly complete the following questionnaire and return it to us at: info@vipfitclub.com by January 6th, 2021, we can gather the data and set forth on the next phase of this journey.


This survey is closed for responses.