Student at Home Fitness & Wellness

Student at Home Fitness & Wellness

Let's keep our youth active and engaged


Colin Vega and Luke Medina personally invite you to join …

VIP’s 4- week at home workouts for FREE.


Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (online)


5:00pm for 45 Mins.



Consider it a PE class and away to have the family as a whole participate in promoting wellness.  In a time where maybe Hide and Seek or Capture the flag or youth group sports are not an option.

Now parents have rules for screen time and to put the cellphone down at dinner.  The VIP on-line fitness training program is designed to help re-instill the values of physical fitness, mental fortitude & self-discipline for a healthy lifestyle. This 4-week camp offers fun fitness activities while discussing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on physical activity and healthy habits such as proper hydration, healthy eating & the importance of sleep. All this is FREE .. As our way of paying it forward

Limited slots. (100) participants

So Register today and Make Fitness a Lifestyle again!

Questions Call:

(585)310-8847 or email sheryl@vipfitclub.com

Pal-Mac Girls Varsity Swimming

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The Pal- Mac Girls Varsity Swim Team will be ready for this upcoming season!

The Raiders pre-season workout at VIP. The team steps up to Coach Oak’s challenge and give it all they have.


I am very impressed with the work ethic and enthusiasm that these young ladies display thus far .

Watch out competitors, the Raiders mean business this year and are getting a head-start on conditioning.

Watch this video….