Box Fit Cardio

Box Fit cardio Put on the gloves and get ready to bob & weave This class combines the art of the boxing discipline and kicks it up a notch with a dash of a cardio blast! Burn Fat and Calories!

What Are Boxfit Classes?

The Boxfit classes are an all-level circuit training class.

Colin will encourage and motivate you to work towards your full potential. Classes include a strength/cardio workout, boxing techniques, padwork, timed stations, music and lots of fun!

Classes are offered two days a week Thursdays at 530pm- 6:15  & Saturdays 8-9am and are popular with men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

The classes begin with a high impact warm up, so it is important to arrive in time for the start of the class. If muscle groups are not properly warmed up, you will not be ready to train effectively.

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