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Fitness Independence Day Special- Happy 4th of July

Fitness Independence Day Special- Happy 4th of July

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Fitness Truly is a Lifestyle

At church this Sunday our Pastor compared our Christianity to a pizza pie. He explained how we shouldn’t view our Christianity as a slice of the pie but as the whole pie, placing God first in everything that we do.  It was an “Aha” moment for me.  Not just for the fact that we all tend to compartmentalize our lives, but that we are meant to be fully present as an active participant in every aspect of our lives to truly live fully and authentically.   The same concept holds true with our fitness.  Our motto at VIP Fit Club is “Fitness is a Lifestyle” Fitness isn’t just something that you schedule in or do once and a while. It is truly how we live each day.   To be fit encompasses mental, physical & spiritual fitness.  It isn’t simply exercising or eating right.  It is in our mindset. It is in how we think.   As living beings, we are comprised of our genetics, (biology), our environmental influences and freewill.   Genetics & environment may explain a lot, but it is in our freewill, where we have choice that determines our behaviors.

So yes, we do need to choose to eat right to nourish and fuel our bodies.  We need to choose to stay active and engaged physically to exercise our bodies and have energy. We need to choose to sleep well and stay hydrated to be clear headed in our decision making.  We may choose to meditate or pray to reduced stress and re-frame our mindset.   These are the choices that we need to make each and every day.  We need to make the choice to seek out positivity. The best way to do this is to surround yourself with like-minded people.  Make an effort to seek out those you wish to emulate.  Be someone others wish to emulate.  By being positive, spreading joy, peace & happiness with our words and in our actions,  we are choosing to be fit.

At VIP Fit Club, Fitness truly is a lifestyle.  We are here to support, encourage and motivate you. To put God first in everything we do and in all aspects of our lives. So if you’re looking to find support and encouragement. If you want to offer support and encouragement to others, then VIP Fit Club is the place for you.  We are a Christian owned company that is here to support you on your fitness journey mentally, physically and spiritually.


The #1 Thing You Can Do for Weight-Loss Starting Today

The #1 Thing You Can Do for Weight-Loss Starting Today

Good Morning VIP Fit Family,

Today I’m going to share with you the #1 thing you can do TODAY to kick-start your weight-loss goals.

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you’re trying to lose weight or just running late, cutting out breakfast may be tempting. You figure you’re saving yourself some calories and you can stop at the drive thru on your way to work. Or to save time and calories you simply sip on a “skinny latte” all day.

But research has consistently shown that the people who successfully lose weight are the ones that wake up and eat!  Studies show eating breakfast consistently correlates with longevity and a healthy weight. And eating breakfast is just that, “breaking” the “fast.” Eating upon waking brings your blood sugar levels back to normal, kick-starts your metabolism, and sets you up to maintain a level metabolism for the rest of the day.

And eating the right breakfast fuels your body, provides long-lasting energy and satiety, prevents overeating and sets the tone for the entire healthy day.  It seems that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  So “break” your “fast” every morning with a healthy breakfast.

Here is my favorite go to quick breakfast:

1 cup Bullet Proof Coffee

2 Hard boiled eggs

¼ avocado

Drizzle of Olive oil

Dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

In Health & Happiness


Helping people achieve amazing things everyday. My passion as a Health & Wellness Coach is to encourage and empower clients to make Fitness a Lifestyle through increased physical activity & by using healthy foods as fuel while finding calm and peace in everyday life. I believe in my clients and keep them accountable on their health wellness journey to becoming the best version of themselves!

Youth Winter Break Fitness Program

Youth Winter Break Fitness Program

Remember when Fitness WAS a Lifestyle?


A time when neighborhood kids ran outside playing Hide and Seek or Capture the flag and parents just rang a bell to call them home for dinner. Now parents have rules for screen time and to put the cellphone down at dinner.  The VIP Winter Boot camp training program is designed to help re-instill the values of physical fitness, mental fortitude & self-discipline for a healthy lifestyle. This 1-week camp offers fun fitness activities while discussing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on physical activity and healthy habits such as proper hydration, healthy eating & the importance of sleep. All this for just $49.99. (Please contact us directly if you have a child outside of this age range and we can discuss on a case by case basis). Limited slots. Register today and Make Fitness a Lifestyle again!








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Sugar Revealed

Sugar Revealed

Whats new?

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that the new label will be required on most packaged food by July 2018. The big change: The label will have a separate line showing how much sugar has been added to each food.

The MonoLift

The MonoLift

Why use the Monolift?

The monolift is a squat apparatus that has gained popularity over the last few years which conveniently allows you to set-up in your squat stance and pick the bar up and squat. This is a much easier, and in my opinion, a much safer option for squatting.

Key point:

…Since the “walkout” aspect is eliminated, so is a lot of the danger and potential mishaps. (NOTE: this is an informational piece on the mono, not a bash on the traditional squat rack. I have nothing against those that want to walk squats out nor do I oppose it. I just suggest the use of a monolift no matter if you are ‘staying in to squat, or walking it out’.)

Colin Vega

Bottom line Benefits

  • The monolift increases the efficiency of moving a group of lifters through a workout.
  • When used PROPERLY, the monolift increases safety.
Group Fitness Choices

Group Fitness Choices

Class Updates

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Every Monday

“Cardio Combat”

  • 05:30-6:30AM-Boot Camp
  • 5:00-6:00PM-Box Fit Cardio
  • 6:00-7:00PM-Boot Camp


Every Tuesday

“Butts & Guts”

  • 6:30-7:30AM-SMART PT-“by Registration only”
  • 10:45-11:30AM- Senior Fit
  • 12:00-1:00PM- FITN30 workout
  • 5:00-6:00PM- SMART PT-“by Registration only”
  • 6:00-7:00PM- Boot Camp
  • 7:00-8:00PM-  SMART PT for Women”by Registration only”

Every Wednesday

“Weighted Wednesday”

  • 05:30-6:30AM- Boot Camp
  • 6:00-7:00PM- Boot Camp


Every Thursdays

 “Turbo Tabata”

  • 6:30-7:30AM- SMART PT-“by Registration only”
  • 10:45-11:30AM- Senior Fit
  • 12:00- 1:00PM- FITN30 workout
  • 5:00-6:00PM- SMART PT-“by Registration only”
  • 6:00-7:00PM- Boot Camp
  • 7:00-8:00PM- SMART PT for Women “by Registration only”


Every Friday


  • 5:30-6:30AM- Boot Camp
  • 5:00-6:00PM- Boot Camp


Every Saturday

Superset Saturday

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Hot Deal

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