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Community Member Board 



The Go to Guy!

Randy is  a full time employee with IBM and lives in Macedon. Randy is are go to guy in the facility to make sure our equipment is maintained, up to date and what our community needs. Randy also oversees the membership commitee. 

Mike Boesel

Mike Boesel


Mike works full time with the town of Palmyra as highway superientendent. As our logistics coordinator with VIP, Mike helps to ensure we can identify, serve and and fill the needs to deliver goodwill in  community through fitness and wellness events.

Laurie Albert

Laurie Albert

Special Events

Laurie is a full time insurance agent for Van Parys Associates in Palmyra. Laurie is an avid runner and loves boot camps and biking.  Laurie serves as our Special events coordinator and helps identify, orginize and coordinate our special event projects. Whether it’s a 5K or obstacle course, you’ll find Laurie leading the way.

Join the Community Member Board

Join the Community Member Board

Are you an Active member looking to volunteer and help make a difrence? We are seeking highly motivated members that share the vision on helping transform lives. Apply today.

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